Features and Benefits

power increase
The optimized software of RICA, greatly improves the power and torque, resulting in faster acceleration in all gears.

lower fuel consumption
With most of RICA software upgrades, fuel consumption is reduced by an average of 5-10%. With RICA E-power this can be reduced by 15% or more.
The engine delivers significantly better performance, for instance manouvers such as overtaking can be performed faster. With an automatic transmission the delay from standstill is reduced, which makes driving away from roundabouts and intersections become a lot safer.

better handling
The throttle will respond faster and the increased torque allows for a more flexible engine. Driving will become a more relaxing pastime.

increased torque
The increased torque ensures that towing a caravan or a trailer becomes much easier. The faster acceleration gets the car quicker up to its desired speed. When driving uphill, downshifts are no longer needed.

environment friendly
All of the RICA software upgrades meet the strict European emission legislation. The RICA E-Power upgrades takes this even further; the CO2 emission for this upgrade is even less than legally permitted.

more driving pleasure
The professional RICA software gets the most out of your car; fun to drive, top performance, lower fuel costs and increased safety for more driving pleasure.
RICA ECM upgrade: safe and reliable

The RICA ECM upgrade is the, carefully, reprogramming of the ECM software. The engine management is optimized and works together with the engine and emission control system. The RICA ECM upgrade carefully modifies the parameters of the boost pressure, torque, injection time, the torque limiter and many other parameters. The RICA ECM upgrade does not affect the service and diagnostic system Error codes only occur if there really is a bug. Result: smooth performance and dramatically improved torque and power. If you want to improve the performance of your car, RICA ECM upgrade is not only the best, but also the most secure and reliable solution

high performance upgrades.

For even better performance of your car, you can also choose to upgrade the hardware of your car. If the hardware has been changed, we provide special custom ECM upgrades for optimal results >>


Performance exhaust systems are a simple but effective way to improve the performance of your car. There are many different exhaust systems available on the market, of varying quality. RICA >>


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