Did you know that you can tune your car yourself with reserves of 100% dealer service? This is quick, easy and secure with the iSoftloader of RICA. This ingenious device was developed by engineers from RICA and can practically be applied to any car brand. With just one press of the button, the appropriate software is programmed into the ECM. A laptop is no longer necessary.
The iSoftloader knows no boundaries, it is capable of an unlimited number of tunings to perform. The internal memory is large enough for four tuning programs at a time. The software can easily be downloaded from our website. If you have several cars that you want to change the ECM of, you only need one device to purchase.

The iSoftloader is completely safe; a built-in control system ensures that your car can only be tuned with the right software. The iSoftloader also contains diagnostic functions, that allow you to read and delete DTCs (fault codes). This is very useful if you ever had a CEL (Check Engine Light) message or other engine trouble. Both the Rica software as well as the original software are stored on the iSoftloader. Before you take your car to a dealer for service, you can easily change the ECM software to its original state. This way, you don't have to worry about the warranty!

- Tune your own car in just minutes.
- Different software programs are stored on the iSoftLoader.
- Suitable for almost any type of vehicle.
- ISoftloader I is specially developed for Volvo.
- ISoftloader II is suitable for virtually all other brands.

method chiptuning

Step 1: Reading the ECM The original software is read from the ECM through the OBD2 connector. This process may take several minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle and type of ECM. Of >>

ECM Performance upgrade

Performance ECM upgrades are very popular and give you value for money. With this software you can book a substantial gain in power and torque and the fuel consumption is reduced by 5-10%. >>






Standalone Management

Custom Tuning



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The iSoftLoader allows you to tune your car by yourself.isoftloader